Wrongworld Wiki

Basic Armor[]

Image Name Description How to Get
Icon mask.png Wooden Mask Basic defense, it makes you look a little bit like an Acorn Beast... 10 Wood, 2 Leather, Workbench
Icon helmetcopper.png Copper Helmet Not the toughest thing in the world, but better than nothing. 2 Copper Bar, Anvil
Icon helmet.png Iron Helmet A big, hard helmet. 2 Iron Bar, Anvil
Icon helmetgold.png Gold Helmet Resplendant, but no better than an iron helmet, is it? 2 Gold Bar, Anvil
Flippers Icon.png Flippers Swim faster. (and also look rather stupid at the same time) 2 Old Boot, 1 Mysterious Goop,


Spring Heeled Boots Icon.png Spring-Heeled


Become a boing-booted bouncer because bouncing is brilliant. 2 Old Boot, 1 Copper Bar,


Sneakers Icon.png Sneakers Run faster. (and also look rather snazzy at the same time) 5 Leather, 1 Speed Potion

Mysterious Armor[]


Image Name Description How To Get
Icon MaskCardboard.png Mr. Box Something to discover/find/make Various Structures
Astronaut Helmet Icon.png Space Helmet It can survive the vacuum of space so it must be pretty tough. Caves
Reading Glassess Icon.png Reading Glasses Vision-Enhancing Spectacles for the Fashion-Concious Forager. Wrongworld Sign Structure
Snake Head Icon.png Snake Mask With this on your head, you'll be completely indistinguishable from a derpy Snake Beast. Caves
Invisibility Sack Icon.png Sack of Invisibility Cover your eyes and turn invisible, kind of. Eye Tower Structure