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The following will serve as a basic guide for the first hour of gameplay of Wrongworld. This page will be updated as more information for the game is released.


Mouse and Keyboard Controls[]


  • Movement - WASD
  • Jump - Space
  • Toggle Crouch - Ctrl
  • Toggle Run - Caps Lock
  • Attack - Left Mouse Button
  • Interact - Right Mouse Button
  • Combat Targeting - L-Shift
  • Look Around - Mouse
  • Zoom - Middle Mouse Scroll Wheel
  • Inventory - E
  • Crafting - Q
  • Pause/Close Menus - Esc


  • Place - Left Mouse Button
  • Cancel - Right Mouse Button
  • Rotate - < >


  • Activate - C
  • Move Placed Object - Right Mouse Button (hold)

Gamepad Controls[]


  • Movement - Left Joystick
  • Jump - A
  • Toggle Crouch - Y
  • Toggle Run - L3 (Left Joystick Click)
  • Attack - X
  • Interact - B
  • Combat Targeting - R3 (Right Joystick Click)
  • Look Around - Right Joystick
  • Zoom In - Left Trigger
  • Zoom Out - Right Trigger
  • Inventory - Right Bumper
  • Crafting - Left Bumper
  • Pause/Close Menus - Start


  • Place - X
  • Cancel - B
  • Rotate - Left/Right Directional Pad Keys


  • Activate - Select
  • Move Placed Object - B (hold)

Your First Day[]

Your first objective should be to collect rock and wood by smashing boulders and trees. Don't bother collecting flowers at this point, they are useless until you craft an alchemy table later on. Pick up any red mushrooms that you find, 3 of them can be used to make a soup to restore a bit of health and relieve hunger. Look for a suitable location to build a base, one that is close to a body of water for fishing. Craft a wood shovel to plant seeds and acorns. Acorns mainly come from smashing trees. Seeds can be obtained from enemies, trees, digging, or crates/barrels. Plant them as soon as you can, because it takes a few days for them to grow.

Some of the things you should build right away are the campfire, workbench, smelter, and greenhouse. You can cook the meat from enemies to gain a few points of health back and relieve more hunger than eating it raw. The workbench lets you create stone tools which last longer than wood, along with other useful items. You can craft a pickaxe and axe if you want, however it just reduces the number of hits that resources require to harvest. Greenhouses are nice because they reduce the growth time of seeds and occasionally you'll harvest a seed along with the vegetable. Seeds/acorns will grow without watering them, even in the desert biomes. You should craft an anvil when possible to gain access to better gear. Create a cooking pot to go along with the campfire to gain access to better quality foods. Most recipes require 2-3 of an ingredient but it's worth it because cooked foods restore some health and relieve much more hunger.

Houses aren't necessary and can be a waste of resources. However, they can also protect you from certain events (e.g. a tornado/UFO cannot take you if you enter a fully enclosed house, nor can an enemy follow you inside).

If you come across an enemy, don't worry, they are easy to defeat. A lot of enemies can be easily killed by repeatedly attacking them, preventing them from attacking you. If you stop attacking, the enemies will wind up their attack, but it can be canceled by hitting them. Side step enemies and dodge their attacks. You can roll out of the way but it isn't necessary and rolling leaves you further away from the enemy, giving them an opportunity to attack. Occasionally enemies will be knocked back by your attacks, just keep moving towards them and attacking. If you can't reach them before they start their attack, just strafe and then resume hitting them. Enemies may appear when harvesting resources and digging.

Almost every object has some use, just hold on to everything until you come across a place to use it. Be sure to build a chest and upgrade your inventory to hold more items.


  • When will this game be released?
    • Wrongworld moved from early access into release on May 11, 2018.