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The following is a list of Magic potions in the game Wrongworld.

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List of Magic Potions[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description How to Get
Healing Potion Medicine in a flask. Pretty darn useful. Craft at an alchemy table
Strength Potion Chug on this and go all smashy-smashy, for a while. Craft at an alchemy table
Toughness Potion Makes monster nibbles a bit less hurty. Craft at an alchemy table
Speed Potion Run like the wind. Actually, the wind doesn't run; it blows. So run like something else instead. Craft at an alchemy table
Flight Potion Well, it's kind of like flying anyway. Craft at an alchemy table
Invisibility Potion The coward's drink of choice Craft at an alchemy table

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