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The following is a list of Resources in the game Wrongworld.

Basic Resources[]

Image Name Description How to Get
Icon log.png Wood Wooden wood. Use it to build things. Chopping Trees, Acorn Beasts.
Icon stone.png Stone A lump of stone. Smashing Rocks, Digging (Various Biomes), Various Beasts.
Icon acorn.png Acorn Use a shovel to impregnate the ground. Chopping Trees, Digging (Grasslands), Acorn Beasts.
Icon coal.png Coal It burns! Smashing Rocks, Digging (Various Biomes), Barrels/Crates/Coffins, Various Beasts.

Crafting: 10 Wood, Smelter.

Icon copperore.png Copper Ore A nugget of purest copper. Copper Ore Node (in Cave), Smashing Rocks, Digging (Various Biomes), Copper Tree, Various Beasts.
Icon copperbar.png Copper Bar Copper ore squished into the shape of a trapezoidal prism. Crafting: 5 Copper Ore, 1 Coal, Smelter
Icon ironore.png Iron Ore A nugget of purest iron. Iron Ore Node (in Cave), Smashing Rocks, Digging (Various Biomes), Iron Tree, Various Beasts.
Icon ironbar.png Iron Bar Iron ore squished into the shape of a trapezoidal prism. Crafting: 5 Iron Ore, 1 Coal, Smelter
Icon goldore.png Gold Ore A nugget of purest gold. Gold Ore Node (in Cave), Smashing Rocks, Digging (Various Biomes), Gold Tree, Various Beasts.

Crafting: 1 Coin, Smelter.

Icon goldbar.png Gold Bar Gold ore squished into the shape of a trapezoidal prism. Crafting: 5 Gold Ore, 1 Coal, Smelter
Icon sand.png Sand Gritty, beige fun. Can be melted into glass. Sand Castles, Digging (Various Biomes), Sand Trees, Various Beasts.
Icon glass.png Glass Hard stuff that tries its best to be invisible. Crafting: 5 Sand, 1 Coal, Smelter.
Icon leather.png Leather It's leathery. Leather Trees, Various Beasts.
Icon seed.png Seed Shovel + Ground + Seed = Baby Vegetable. Farming, Chopping Trees, Digging (anywhere), Various Beasts.
Icon FishingBait.png Bait Keep some of these in your inventory to speed up fishing and maybe attract a better class of fish. Frog Beasts, Digging (Swamp Biome).

Crafting: 1 Meat.

Food Resources[]

Image Name Description How to Get
Icon ice.png Ice Solid water that isn't at all warm. Digging (Snowy Biome), Snowmen, Various Beasts.
Icon meat.png Meat A slab of non-vegetable. Meat Trees, Various Beasts.
Icon mushroomA.png Mushroom Eat it if you want, but it might be poisonous. Cooking it first is probably wiser. Foraging, Caves, Various Beasts.
Icon flapple.png Flapple Some kind of alien fruit with wings for some reason. Chopping Trees, Acorn Beasts.
Icon potatoid.png Potatoid A weird-looking vegetable. It is watching you. Farming, Caves.
Icon carrat.png Carrat A vegetable with stupid little feet. Farming, Caves.
Icon broccolian.png Broccolian A mutant vegetable with three heads and telepathic powers. "Please eat me," it says. Farming, Caves.
FlappleFizz.PNG Flapple


Eye-wateringly fizzy energy drink that tries to burn your tongue off. Unhealthy but good at staving off hunger 2 Flapple, 1 Acid, Cooking Pot
Carrat Slurp.png Carrat Slurp Tiny carton of rodent juice rich in vitamins and great for your health. Not particularly filling though. 2 Carrat, 1 Acid, Cooking Pot
Flapple Pie.png Flapple Pie Molten mouth-death in a crusty wrapper. 4 Flapple, Cooking Pot
Carrat Cake.png Carrat Cake Moist sponge with bonus orange flakes. 4 Carrat, Cooking Pot
Veggie Smoothie.png Veggie Smoothie Mmm... Blended Broccolian goodness. 3 Broccolian, 1 Ice, Cooking Pot
Meat Shake.png Meat Shake A delicious meaty shake, perfect for toothless carnivores. 2 Meat, 2 ice, Cooking Pot


Image Name Description How to Get
Icon flowerGreen.png Anthurium  A green flower resembling a love heart. Foraging, Plant Pot.
Icon flowerRed.png Calluna A painful-looking red flower. Foraging, Plant Pot.
Icon flowerBlue.png Gerbera A blue flower in the shape of a shield. Foraging, Plant Pot.
Icon flowerOrange.png Heliconia An orange flower with go-faster motion lines. Foraging, Plant Pot.
Icon flowerPurple.png Oxalis A purple flower that looks like it's trying to fly away. Foraging, Plant Pot.
Icon flowerGrey.png Protea A grey flower that slightly resembles a big eye. Foraging, Plant Pot.


Image Name Description How to Get
Icon campfire.png Campfire Burn stuff and make food that isn't gross. Crafting: 5 Wood, 5 Stone.
Icon workbench.png Workbench Every artisan needs a place to work. Crafting: 20 Wood.
Icon smelter.png Smelter Trapped heat that turns useless things into useful things. Crafting: 20 Stone, 3 Coal.
Icon anvil.png Anvil Beating the crap out of metal toughens it up. True story. Crafting: 2 Iron Bar.
Icon CookingPot.png Cooking Pot Upgrade a campfire and cook up some tasty nom-noms. Crafting: 5 Wood, 1 Copper Bar, Campfire.
Icon chest.png Chest Junk storage module. Crafting: 20 Wood, 1 Copper Bar, Workbench.
Icon alchemytable.png Alchemy Table Flowers aren't just ugly and smelly. No, they're also magical for some reason. Crafting: 20 Wood, 2 Glass, 5 Leather, Workbench.
Icon workbenchupgrade.png Electronics Workbench Upgrade Workbenches love being upgraded. Crafting: 1 Copper Bar, 1 Gold Bar, Workbench.
Icon NuclearReactor.png Nuclear Reactor Karate chop atoms in half and unleash terrifying amounts of energy. Crafting: 5 Uranium, 1 Superconductive Macroprocessor, Electronics Workbench.
Icon CloningStation.png Cloning Station Clone yourself and cheat death. Single use, and not particularly useful if Permadeath is disabled. Crafting: 5 Uranium, 5 Mysterious Goop, 5 Meat, Nuclear Reactor.
Icon ProbeConsole.png Probe Console Launch a probe to search for important locations and track down the components you'll need to rebuild your spaceship. Crafting: 2 Uranium, 1 Fuel Cell, 2 Glass, Nuclear Reactor.


Image Name Description How to Get
Icons potionGreen.png Healing Potion Medicine in a flask. Pretty darn useful. Crafting: 3 Anthurium, 1 Glass, Alchemy Table.
Icons potionRed.png Strength Potion Chug on this and go all smashy-smashy. For a while. Crafting: 3 Calluna, 1 Glass, Alchemy Table.
Icons potionBlue.png Toughness Potion Makes monster nibbles a bit less hurty. Crafting: 3 Gerbera, 1 Glass, Alchemy Table.
Icons potionOrange.png Speed Potion Run like the wind. Actually, wind doesn't run; it blows. So run like something else instead. Crafting: 3 Heliconia, 1 Glass, Alchemy Table.
Icons potionPurple.png Flight Potion Well, it's kind of like flying anyway. Crafting: 3 Oxalis, 1 Glass, Alchemy Table.
Icons potionGrey.png Invisibility Potion The coward's drink of choice. Crafting: 3 Protea, 1 Glass, Alchemy Table.
Icon goop.png Mysterious


Versatile blob of slime. Crafting: 3 Meat, Alchemy Table.
Icon Acid.png Acid Melty liquid fun with a million uses. Well, a few uses anyway. Crafting: 1 Mysterious Goop, Alchemy Table.
Icon Uranium.png Uranium Nuclear Reactors love to snack on tasty Uranium treats and then vomit out obscene amounts of energy. Crafting: 50 Stone, 5 Coal, 1 Mysterious Goop, Alchemy Table.

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Image Name Description How to Get
Icon Battery.png Battery Power a range of devices with these handy sticks of energy. Crafting: 2 Acid, Electronics Workbench.
Icon copperwire.png Copper Wiring Wiring. Made of copper. You probably worked that out. Crafting: 1 Copper Bar, Electronics Workbench.
Icon fuelcell.png Fuel Cell The mother of all batteries. Great for powering energy-hungry tech. Crafting: 1 Copper Bar, 1 Strength Potion, Electronics Workbench.
Icon metalplating.png Metal Plating Sturdy, metal, and in plate form (not the kind you eat off). Crafting: 1 Iron Bar, 1 Toughness Potion, Electronics Workbench.
Icon processor.png Superconductive Macroprocessor Super-clever processor with a nonsensical name. Crafting: 1 Gold Bar, 1 Speed Potion, Electronics Workbench.
Icon jetpack.png Jet Pack Floaty double-jump through the magic of science. Crafting: 1 Metal Plating, 1 Fuel Cell, 1 Flight Potion, Electronics Workbench.
Icon Furnace.png Fission Furnace Cook food and melt metals wherever you are with this handy atomic backpack. Counts as both a campfire and a smelter. Crafting: 5 Uranium, 1 Copper Wiring, 1 Metal Plating, Nuclear Reactor.
Icon launchpad.png Launchpad Whenever spaceships aren't busy flying through space, they love to kick back and relax on launchpads. Crafting: 50 Stone.
Icon spaceshipbody.png Spaceship Body Spaceship 2.0. Crafting: 1 Metal Plating, 1 Superconductive Macroprocessor, Launchpad.
Icon ignitionsystem.png Ignition System Every spaceship needs a dramatic ignition sequence. Them's the rules. Crafting: 1 Copper Wiring, Launchpad, and... some kind of activation device.
Icon propulsionsystem.png Propulsion System Spaceships need to go up, right? Crafting: 1 Metal Plating, 50 Wood, Launchpad, and... something very stretchy.

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