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The following is a list of Structures in the game Wrongworld.

List of Structures[]

Image Name Description
Basketball Hoop If only there was a ball around somewhere...
Crane A large T-shaped crane holding a cage over a hamster. It can be a useful landmark because it's easily spotted from a distance. Bring along 1 uranium and 3 old boots
Easter Heads Look like the heads on Easter Island with colored eyes. Placing ores matching the eye colors into the pan will cause the mouth to open, giving you metal bars. You can keep your ore afterward.
Football/Soccer Net A large net just waiting for a ball
Meat Altar A stone slab with a meat sign next to it. Placing a piece of meat will open a portal. BEWARE! It brings you to a boss so don't enter unless you are prepared. There is a caution screen asking if you really want to enter, in case you enter the portal accidentally.
Sign A large "Hollywood" style sign easily spotted from a distance. Try switching the letters around
Wishing Well Make a wish
Slug Beast Statue A statue of a Slug Beast with a sword in its mouth, using a strength potion will allow you to retrieve the sword.

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